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The Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Instead of just listing the usual benefits in a bland fashion, we took time to make a graph of what you should expect when using Green Coffee Bean Extract. The most significant changes happen in the first 30 days, we call this phase 1. Your body is adapting to the many benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract including better processing of carbohydrates and increased metabolism. After the first 30 days your weight loss will sky rocket. Expect 4x times the weight loss after 60 days and almost 12x times the fat loss after 90 days.

Day 7

Change in Appetite

You will begin to notice a change in your appetite. In times you would usually be hungry you will actually feel satisfied. The reason is because Green Coffee Bean Extract is an appetite suppressant.

Day 10

More Energy

At this point you should begin to feel an increase in your energy levels. Take advatage of your new found energy and go for a walk. Pairing Green Coffee Bean extract with exercise will lead to tremendous results.

Day 21

Measure your waist

Your body has begun to process the Green Coffee Bean Extract efficeintly. From this point on the excess fat will begin to melt away. The key to a successful weight loss is to eat when your hungry. The Green Coffee Bean Extract will lower your appetite sugnificantly and will begin to speed up the carbohydrate oxidation to fat oxidation.

Day 30


You should have lost a bit of weight by this point, remember this is only the 1st month. Expect triple the weight loss by day 60. Now that your body has shifted to fat burning mode, it is crucial to begin changing your poor diet habits. We want you to become one of our success stories.